About Us

Carmot Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of metabolic diseases, cancer, and inflammation. Carmot’s vision is to become a leader in drug discovery by generating superior drugs for challenging therapeutic targets.

Chemotype Evolution, Carmot’s proprietary technology, enables the rapid identification of novel drugs through an evolutionary discovery paradigm and has produced a pipeline of breakthrough therapeutics currently in pre-clinical development.

Carmot was founded by Drs. Stig K. Hansen and Daniel A. Erlanson to tackle challenging drug targets. Over the past few years, Carmot has built Chemotype Evolution into a robust technology that has yielded novel lead compounds targeting incretin receptors (GLP-1R and GIPR) for treatment of Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and NASH and protein-protein interactions (NEMO/IKK) for treatment of cancer and inflammation.

Carmot is also interested in collaborating with industry partners to apply Chemotype Evolution to targets of mutual interest. In 2014, Carmot entered into a collaboration with Amgen to apply Chemotype Evolution to two difficult, high value targets. In 2016, Carmot extended the collaboration with Amgen and entered into a new drug discovery collaboration and license agreement with Genentech.