Management Team

stig hansen
Dr. Stig Hansen, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, holds an M.S. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He conducted the majority of his Ph.D. studies at UC Berkeley and was a Novartis Fellow of the Life Sciences Research Foundation at UC Berkeley, where he studied mammalian brain development. In 2000, Dr. Hansen joined Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, where he was instrumental in applying Sunesis technology to the drug discovery process. During his 8 years at Sunesis, Dr. Hansen advanced to Associate Director of Biology and led programs in metabolic disease, auto-immunity, and oncology, participating in two programs that entered clinical development. In addition, Dr. Hansen managed research partnerships with Johnson & Johnson and Biogen Idec, and through participation in numerous partnering discussions he gained significant business development experience. Dr. Hansen also led the committee for new target initiatives and served on the Research Operations Team overseeing all research from project initiation through Phase II. An author on more than 20 patent applications and scientific publications Dr. Hansen oversees Carmot’s biology research.
Daniel Erlanson

Dr. Daniel Erlanson, Co-founder and VP of Chemistry, holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard University and gained post-doctoral experience at Genentech. He joined Sunesis Pharmaceuticals at its inception in 1998. At Sunesis, Dr. Erlanson further honed his medicinal chemistry skills on a variety of targets including proteases, phosphatases and kinases. He was key in developing fragment-based drug discovery technologies that formed the basis for numerous corporate partnerships, including inventorship of a fragment-based technology that attracted more than $150 million in partner revenue and equity investments. During his 10 years at the company he advanced to Associate Director of Medicinal Chemistry, leading a team of up to 10 scientists and research associates pursuing multiple targets. Dr. Erlanson is an inventor on more than a dozen issued and published patent applications and is author and presenter of dozens of publications and national and international scientific presentations, including co-editing two books on fragment-based drug discovery. Dr. Erlanson oversees Carmot’s chemistry research.

roman dvorak

Dr. Roman Dvorak, VP of Clinical Development, holds an M.D. from Charles University in Prague and a Ph.D. in Exercise physiology and Pharmacology from Oregon State University. Dr. Dvorak brings more than 20 years of clinical research experience that spans from academia to both large and small companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Tercica, Leptos, and Vivus. Throughout his career, he has led the planning and the execution of numerous clinical trials, taking products from Phase 1 through to Phase 4 and participated in meetings with regulatory authorities globally. At Vivus, Dr. Dvorak was part of the team responsible for approvals of Qsymia and Avanafil. Much of his work has focused on metabolic diseases, particularly obesity and diabetes. He has authored multiple manuscripts, abstracts, and several patents. In his role as VP of Clinical Development, Dr. Dvorak oversees  clinical development activities at Carmot Therapeutics.